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The Forms

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. COVID-19 Risk Assessment
  3. Terms & Conditions
  4. Evaluation Form
  5. Map of Stratford upon Avon

​National Curriculum aims and objectives 2014

The Tudors KS1 

The Tudors KS2

The Tudors KS3

Crime & Punishment KS2

Crime & Punishment KS3

Entertainment / Shakespeare KS1

Entertainment / Shakespeare KS2

Entertainment / Shakespeare KS3

Lesson plans and activities:

  1. Lesson plan ideas
  2. Shakespeare Walk ‘true or false’ questions
  3. Schools Activity Book (with teacher notes)
    (used as part of a ‘free flow’ visit – a pre-printed version can be purchased on site for £2.50)
  4. FRENCH-ActivityBook(pupilversion)
  5. FRENCH-ActivityBook(teacherversion)
  6. Supporting videos

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