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Enhance your Visit!

Costumes can transform!

Getting into costume can focus children’s attention, enhance learning and provide a powerful aid to memory.

Creating your own customs need not be difficult or expensive. These can be very simply created.


Boys can tuck their trousers into long socks and wear a white shirt with waistcoat or sleeveless cardigan and a suitable cap. Beards and moustaches can be added with the use of an eyebrow pencil!


Girls could wear a long skirt with blouse and small sleeveless cardigan. A shawl could be worn or put over the head. The ‘look’ is basic 16th century, fairly plain materials and earthy colours! A point to consider: even on warm days the 16th century building can be chilly! Adults and children need to be warm underneath!

An authentic Tudor Packed Lunch?

​To complete the image, think about some appropriate foods and drinks. There were no sugary drinks, crisps or chocolate in the 16th century. Some ideas could include chicken, cheese, hunks of bread, apples, plums and a flask of apple juice all wrapped up in a cloth and in a small basket!