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Ghost tour
(within the building)

Ghost tours take place after the museum is closed and the lights switched off! The live guide will relate stories and sightings within the building by lantern light.

The tours have been running since 2002 and the only tour to take place within one of the historic buildings of Stratford!

What is the tour?

The tour relates the history and the ghostly occurrences that have taken place within the building and around Stratford upon Avon!


Where does it go?

The tour takes place within the historic building. It does not take place on the streets and is therefore more eerie and atmospheric.

What’s the duration?

Tour takes around 1 hour (times may vary from guide to guide). Please arrive 10 minutes early.

What is the price?

The price for the tour is £9.50 for everyone (not suitable for children).




The museum is very old (more than 400 years) with low beams, uneven floors and stairs. The tour is by the light of a lantern. For this reason it may not suitable for those with mobility problems, impaired vision or those that are claustrophobic or nervous. Dogs are not permitted.

What do we see?

You will be taken through the building by a guide who will relate the sighting of paranormal activity with each room. You will not be able to see the exhibits and we would discourage photography as this can distract the guide and the other visitors.

Is it child friendly?

We would not recommend children less than 14 years old on the tour. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. There are no refunds if the tour has started.

Are there any tricks?

No one ‘jumps’ out at you during the tour and there are no ‘magic’ tricks. The tour is just story-telling within a dark, eerie, reputedly haunted building.

Most Haunted?

The building has often been described as the Most Haunted building in England. Terry Deary author of Horrible Histories dedicated his book to the building and Most Haunted filmed here!

When are they?

The tours take place every night at 6pm (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) and at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm & 9pm on Saturday nights. To join this spooky tour, click on the BOOK NOW button in the top right hand of the screen.

Will I see a Ghost?

The tour is not an investigation but an entertainment. However, many people have reported seeing ghosts on the tour or feeling uneasy or as if they have been touched.

Overnight Vigil?

Ghost hunters can hire the building over night for a paranormal investigations. £5m insurance required and minimum numbers required. Please contact us to discuss

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