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Meet the Ghost this Halloween 2023

Meet the Ghosts this Halloween at Tudor World!


October 21st to October until November 5th 2023


Tudor World museum is not only famous for being haunted (many paranormal teams including Most Haunted have investigated the site) but is situated in the ‘dead centre’ of Stratford upon Avon. One of the original Halloween attractions to celebrate Halloween in town, the visitor will have an opportunity to now meet the famous ghosts ‘live’ and in person on the new thrilling ‘Haunted House Experience’ on the 28th October as they make their own way through the labyrinth of shadowy corridors, traversing low beams and uneven floors in this historic building dating back 500 years.

Stories of those that have passed beyond this earthly veil have been with us for many centuries (even Shakespeare has connections with the building and mentions ghosts in his plays – where did he get his ideas we wonder?) The two-week long celebration includes a daytime Halloween Quiz and prize for the children and Ghost Tours by lantern light every night for the adults. As well as the Haunted House Experience, there will be a Victorian Séance on All Hallows Eve itself (31st October) where traditional spiritualist practices of ‘table-tipping’, ‘mirror scrying’, and a trip to the ‘Seance Room’ will be taking place. So enter this 16th century building and discover an historic Halloween for yourself.

Day time Events:

Halloween Museum 10:30am until 5:00pm with quiz and prizes.

Evening Events:

Ghost Tours every evening – tickets: £8.50-£9.50
Haunted House Experience on Saturday 28th October – tickets: £15

Halloween night Victorian Séance on Tuesday 31st October – tickets £29

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